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Beluister Interview BOS over Chinese dromen en het Guan Yin orakel 1:

Beluister Interview BOS over Chinese dromen en het Guan Yin orakel 2:

Beluister Inteview Boeddhistische omroep

Save the date: Friday June 7, 2019, 14.30-18.00

Green Shanghai and the Gateway to China
Visions for Progressive Minds in Spatial Perceptions, Green Technology,
Urban Renaissance and Eco-Zones
Friday, June 7, 2019
Jungle Amsterdam: 2e van Swindenstraat 26, 1093 VS
(18 €; drinks not included)

Program and regsitration June 7: crossroad culture newspage

registration form June 7

New: Summer Chinese Culture, Abstract Painting and Art Workshops 2019: July and August; visit Blue Water Dragon Culture Workshops

Also: Call for Green-Tech high level connection to China: new possibilities 2019 comming up
Green Technology Bank is a major initiative of the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) to implement the United Nations 2030 Agenda and the Paris Agreement for climate change.
Green Technology Bank (GTB) provides a major strategic opportunity for Dutch companies to participate, market and establish matches in China. The GTB has established the Shanghai Green Tech Park as a possible business location. The GTB invites you to promote your technology in China, finding possible investors, clients and matches, with support of the GTB operations team.

Dutch companies interested in Chongming Island: and launching in Shanghai with goverment support, please contact us : mariskastevens@gmail.com


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NEW: A Sense of Culture: Cultural Anthropology in a Cross Cultural Perspective

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Check our Crossroads in Healthcare page on the conference PowerPoints and summaries PDF now available

English Interview CRTV: Why Dutch Cows Do Not Speak Chinglish: Click here

Dutch interview CRTV ethnopsychology (December 26-12-2011)

More information mail mariskastevens@gmail.com

Crossroad Culture Research and Training Agency CCRTA) (chinese text click here)

CCRTA aims to support businesses, branches, government and non-governmental organizations and individuals in their development towards intercultural and international orientation and communication. It engages in organizing international cross disciplinary scientific conferences and cross disciplinary scientific programs

Crossroad Culture offers professional support to all disciplines of Social Sciences. The varieties in its products ensure services covering a wide spectrum aiming towards a practical advice and solutions.

Crossroad Culture guarantees integrity and excellence in social, psychological, cultural anthropological scientific research, writing, training and communication support

Next to its core business CC provides guidance and support for writing scientific texts, articles, dissertations (MA and PHD) and books, Dutch-English translations, as well as editing English texts, writing articles for books and magazines on request.

Mariska Stevens is a cultural linguistic anthropologist with a background in social-psychology, medical sociology, visual anthropology and ethno psychiatry.

Past academic affiliation: Faculty of Political and Social Sciences (Institutes of Socoliogy and Cultural Anthropology: 15 years) University of Amsterdam.

Specialties: methods and techniques of social scientific research, non-western sociology and various new anthropological perspectives and lectures on China, ethnic and regional minorities, migrant communities, overseas Chinese communities, cross cultural communication and contemporary topics concerning international growth.

Currently she gives business and training seminars on Chinese culture for various institutions and Dutch business cultures for Chinese and other Asian companies, advises various government and non-government institutions on policy agenda’s, lectures on cross-cultural communication on China and advises on variety and cross business incubation in international business enterprises. She has initiated Blue Water Dragon Foundation (www.bluewaterdragon.com) , a non-profit foundation aiming towards quality enhanced cultural communication through information, projects and lectures.

Partner contacts a.o. EuSino Foundation, Amsterdam in Business, Rotterdam Investment Agency, NCH, Industrial Design depart. Technical University Delft, IOC, Alliance NL,  SAVAN, CPIPF, VNC, RINO Educational Institute for Psycho-therapy, Royal Tropical Institute, Dragons Businessclub, 100 Jaar Chinezen in Nederland, Hong Kong Chamber of Commerce, Chinese Academy of Sciences (IGSNRR), Beijing University of Technology, Prop Roots China and Blue Water Dragon Foundation . Back to the top

tel. The Netherlands: 31-20-6921400/ 31-612800204
Email: mariskastevens@.gmail.com

CCRTA 旨在支持商业部门, 分支协会,政府和非政府组织以及个人在多文化

领域和国际定位与交流方面的发展. 该机构主要从事于组织跨学科的国际科学会议和科学方案。 经纬视界文化公司不但为客户们提供专业的社会科学课程,而且提供广泛的服务以确保客户们获得实际有效的意见和解决方案。
马丽思加•史蒂芬斯(Mariska Stevens)是文化语言人类学家,她的研究领域涉及社会心理学,医学社会学,视觉人类学以及民族心理学。
学术背景: 阿姆斯特丹大学政治与社会科学学院(社会学和文化人类学机构:15年)


在亚洲的外国人提供心理学,社会和文化的支持与服务。back to the top


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